Michelle McAuliffe is an artist, designer, and researcher based in Washington, D.C. Deaf since birth, McAuliffe uses a cross disciplinary approach to explore the connections between art, communication, consciousness, and technology. Her working methods include photography, installation, video, sound, and mixed media. McAuliffe embraces these tools to share her unique experience as a deaf artist and educator with the art world, where such insight is rarely represented. Through the creation of multimodal projects that range from urban exploration documentation to filming to recording “intriguing” sounds and miscommunication, McAuliffe’s rare and valuable voice joins technical proficiency in communicating the difficulties and magic of the modern world. 

McAuliffe’s work has been presented in numerous exhibitions internationally such as Cairo, Egypt and Kefalonia, Greece. McAuliffe has given artist lectures, including LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous), University of Virginia, and TEDx.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area of California, McAuliffe earned her MFA in Photography from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. McAuliffe is a Professor of Art & Media Design at Gallaudet University – the only university in the world for the deaf and hard of hearing.